Best Art Restaurants Around the World

Dining-room restaurants are changing. They just started popping up into art galleries and eating is now also a feast for the eyes. All over the world, we can find art restaurants or true museums where more than an amazing menu there’s stunning and exclusive masterpieces. Dining room decors have their own art limited editions with visceral details and surprising collections.

You’ve ordered your main course and tasted an amazing wine. Eating can have a sublime beauty but for these restaurants, from New York to Hong Kong, Bogotá to Miami and London to Verbier, it isn’t enough. No. More than just a gorgeous menu, unexpected combinations can be found in their walls, dining tables or even their roofs. You have to be watchful to found the wonders they hide or you can visit more than once these art galleries.

Really, really good food, refined menus, excellent art and comfortable chairs are the reasons why these are the best art restaurants around the world.

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1. Bibo Restaurant, Hong Kong

Bibo is one of the most exciting street art restaurant. This luxury dining establishment from Hong Kong has no more than two years old and offers a surprising and bold menu, with french cuisine has inspiration. However,  it’s as one of the world’s favourite street restaurant that magic happens. From Banksy, Invader, and Damien Hirst to Jean-Michel Basquiat, it’s at the center of art radar and contemporary top street artists.

Best Art Restaurants Around the World

2.  W Loung, Bogotá, Colombia

Art and food meet a harmonious relationship in W Loung Hotel and Restaurant in Bogotá, Colombia. The graffiti mural created by Colombian street crew Vertigo steals all the attentions in the lounge restaurant. Art, design and fashion are combined to make a sophisticated restaurant with an edgy vibe.

Restaurante w

3. Vandal, New York

Chris Santos is the chef responsible for the delicious and creative menu. Vandal, located on Bowery street, New York, celebrates global street culture, art, food and architecture. The dining space includes a luxury restaurant, modern lounge, private dining room and a garden dining area. The outside inside is the soul of this inspiring project with art limited editions.

Restaurante Vandal

4. Alter Restaurant, Miami

You won’t find comfortable food in this casual yet bold art restaurant. Chef Bradley Kilgore is the kitchen leader and offers inventive menus. Located in Miami’s up-and-coming Wynwood neighborhood, Alter is in the heart of this famous graffiti-art district. Miami Beach’s Art Deco is the inspiration for interior design while local artists paint the exterior walls.

Best Art Restaurants Around the World

5. W Verbier Living Room/ Arola Restaurant, Verbier, Switzerland

The Swiss Legends photography series by Marcel van der Vlugt and an original tape installation by Buff Diss breaks art restaurant boundaries. The Swiss hotel lounge and restaurant offers menus from Swiss Alps to the Mediterranean. An eye-catching culinary experience set in a light-hearted atmosphere.

Best Art Restaurants Around the World Best Art Restaurants Around the World

6. Michael’s Restaurant, Santa Monica, California

1979 is the year of the launch of Michael’s restaurant. Since then this luxury restaurant has been dedicated to offering the finest wine and food, excellent service and modern art treasures. Michael McCartney is the name responsible for this contemporary restaurant with a note of collecting art. Eating the usual California mad gastronomy while exploring the astonishing selection by Richard Diebenkorn and Jasper Johns, for example, is the experience that Michael’s restaurant offers.

Best Art Restaurants Around the World

7. Restaurant at Auberge du Soleil, California

The Restaurant at Auberge du Soleil is defined for rich interiors, abstract paintings, and wood furniture pieces. Panoramic views of dazzling sunsets on the famous restaurant terrace are one of the reasons to visit this art restaurant and get surprised. The relaxed contemporary style   and the exclusive menus are wonderful’s that everyone should know. An inspiring dining room and the sculpture garden makes this Californian restaurant a very promising art gallery.

Best Art Restaurants Around the World Best Art Restaurants Around the World Best Art Restaurants Around the World

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You can’t lose the opportunity of enjoying an exclusive experience into one of this art restaurants. Food, wine and design created small treasures and they are waiting for your visit.

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