The Boucheron Peacock Ring That Impressed Jewellery Addicts

After the huge and enormous success of Hopi, the hummingbird, the python bracelet, Cidara ring, and other luxury rings by Boucheron Paris, Boucheron came back to the market with a new fashion jewelry named Héra, the peacock ring sapphires. 


Rings with pave round blue sapphires, and two pear-shaped diamonds in white gold, this masterpiece art has created the buzz!




The Héra, peacock rings also exist in yellow and white gold to satisfy different tastes and suit everyone’s traits. 

The peacock is the symbol of immortality, peace, and prosperity that has been considered as special positioning for hundred years. 

As stated by the Greek Mythology, the eyes of the peacock are viewed on the peacock’s tail by the Hera. 

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It is undeniable that this artistic invention has once again impressed millions of people and open the door for discussion about the inspiration, and the ability jewelry set to constantly offer limited edition production newly, and extremely admirable. 



Boucheron Paris did not stop at only the peacock rings, its ability to create art made them design the peacock necklace to meet the needs of the buyers with offering them the whole collection with the best jewelry 


Boucheron art has been creative in term of embodying animal’s shape in their design, and as an example would be the past product edition of the jewelry set by the brand!


We Hope you enjoyed the new edition of Boucheron as we did and that you are as impressed as we are by the invention of art and design.

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