Diamond Dial: Transformable Timepiece

Graff Diamonds, a luxury jewelry brand, founded by Laurence Graff OBE in 1960 is presenting the most valueble and transformable timepiece at this year’s Baselworld.

The timepiece called “The Fascination” is a transformable watch worth £27.3 million, featuring over 152.96 carats of diamonds. It is one-of-a-kind watch, that can also be used as a bracelet, encrusted with Graff’s finest diamonds.

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This piece is said to be transformable, because the central piece, a pure white diamond graded as a D Flawless (meaning that the diamond has no internal or external inclusions) can be removed from the bracelet and used as a ring, by inserting it into a bespoke ring shank. It is then possible to insert the diamond watch face into the bracelet and turning it into a watch. This piece is the most expensive three-in-one jewel that has ever been created.

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