Exclusive Interview with Marisa Gallo

Marisa Gallo has the certification of architecture and interior design by IADE. For more than 20 years, Marisa has searched for something different and passionate. She has created a unique style that shows elegance and timeless design. The team is specialized in the creation of spaces of residences and commercial areas in Spain and in Latin America. Today the Blog Design Limited Edition presents an exclusive interview along with the best of her projects.

Exclusive Interview with Marisa Gallo

CovetED Magazine: When you remember your first project, you feel?
Maria Gallo: I felt quite excited and eager to eat the world.

CM: One quality your team members must have?
Maria Gallo: Passion and Respect.
Exclusive Interview with Marisa Gallo

CM: The first thing that catches your eye when you enter into a room (empty or not)?
Maria Gallo: Walls and windows.

CM: What does your home say about you?
Maria Gallo: Simple but detailed
Exclusive Interview with Marisa GalloCM: One moment, one person, one project that marked your career?
Maria Gallo: My first project.

CM: Do you have an idol? How do you feel being someone’s idol?
Maria Gallo: I don´t have an idol but I have to think that Pascua Ortega has inspired me in my career. I´m not an idol at all!

CM: How will Arts & Crafts and Advanced technology live together?
Maria Gallo: In life, there have always been contrasts which in
the beginning were hard-to-fit, but that, in the end, we have always managed to do so. In this case, it will be the same.



Exclusive Interview with Marisa Gallo


Exclusive Interview with Marisa Gallo


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