Exclusive Design of Handmade Meteorite Pen

S.T. Dupont is a Paris-based contemporary brand and a manufacturer of lighters, collectible pens, handbags, perfumes, as well as  other gadgets is known by its exclusive designexclusive design , special edition

The well-known luxury brand has launched an edition that has a set of an exclusive design of pens made of Meteorite.

After being the leading brand in its industry for many years, S.T Dupont has excelled in modernizing one of its products using the “King of Iron”, known as the Meteorite.

special edition, exclusive design

limited edition , exclusive design

The Gibeon Meteorite is known for its beauty and splendor, and S.T Dupont has given a new taste to this precious King of iron through a set of handmade pens as a beautiful edition with a unique exclusive design to its fans.

limited edition, exclusive design

special edition, luxury brands, exclusive design

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Fallen to the earth from space, the Gibeon Meteorite has enabled the brand to present its edition through exclusive pens

luxury brands, quintessential, bespoke

This special pen is made for particular people who are looking for a unique pen that is unique and fascinating.

bespoke , luxury brand , special edition

limited edition, exclusive design, luxury brands

The edition of S.T Dupont is crafted in black and dusted in Gibeon Meteorite powder. Again, it is a pen for people who would love to have a fancy pen in their handbag.

These beautiful design of pieces are decorated with palladium, and yet only have 888 pieces

limited edition, luxury brand, bespoke

special edition , luxury brands , bespoke

These images will enable and help you to get inspired by this modern design and make your pen essential.

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