Fendi’s new headquarters at the “ Square Colosseum”

The new headquarters of Fendi at the Palazzo della Civilta (Civilization Palace), in the residential & business district Eur in Rome, opened the doors on 22 October 2015.

After 71 years of abandon, the CEO  of the luxury brand, Beccari said that Rome is now in the eve of this huge re-launch.

The enormous Italian Palace of Civilization, a fascist work of art, was realized on 1942 for the Universal Exposition in Rome and it was never used. Today 72 years later, spending years in complete abandon, the “Square Colosseum” returns to live, as the new headquarters of this world know brand.

This symbolic monument was acquitted on 2001 from the French group Lymh, the world luxury leader in innovations and landmark events, that achieved to unite in 8.400 meters square all the brands activities, with a 15 years lease, costing  2.8 million euro per year.


In Italy the topic has been and is still causing a lot of buzz, because of the history that this building represents: constructed to be Mussolini’s centerpiece of Roman Empire is now the house of “Made in Italy” designers.

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Marco Costanzi born on 1965, in Bologna is the architect who took over to renovate the colossal building. His studio already was the one to design the headquarters of Fendi in Milan. The entrance hall will remain an open gallery a free space to the public, who can freely visit the building for the first time in history.

Fendi is an icon for its fur, shoes, fragrances, accessories, ready to wear clothes, perfectly represented now in the spaces of their new headquarters, thanks to the amazing work of Marco Costanzi Architecture Studio. The minimalist interiors in harmony with the travertine marble and the various sculptures standing proudly outside the“Square Colosseum” .  We will share with you with some pictures to appreciate the dramatic changes and brightness that the Marco Costanzi Studio brought to the interiors of this building.

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In the studio of Beccari, on the third floor, you’ll find no walls but  instead crystal plates, “transparent walls”, as an affirmation of the brands character. In the sixth floor of the building works the creative Karl Lagerfeld, Sivlia Venturini Fendi and Marco de Vincenzo. The complex project of Marco Costanzi has transformed the old abandoned fascist palace into a gigantic atelier and cat walk, creating open spaces following the geometrical lines of the building.

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fendis new headquarters at the square colosseum Karl Lagerfeld

Forgotten for a long time and used as a background in Italian movies, remembering the latest one “ La grande Belleza” today returns to the public, more beautiful than ever. So in your things to do in Rome, next time don’t forget a visit to the “Square Colosseum”.

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