Highlights from Milan Fashion Week II – Bvlgari X Emilio Pucci

From the jeweler to the divas, Bvlgari became the jeweler of the modern-day women. In this collaboration, Bvlgari jewels starred Emilio Pucci’s catwalk at Milan Fashion Week. Take a look at the high jewelry collection here!


milan fashion weekLuxury Italian jewelry, Bulgari presents the very best of its jewel collection at The Milan Fashion Week that is happening from now until Feb 27, 2018. The extraordinary collaboration between Bvlgari and Emilio Pucci celebrates the very idea of Italian glamour.


Milan Fashion Week



High Jewellery earrings in pink gold and coral with two jadeite-jades, two round brilliant cut diamonds, two round brilliant cut diamonds and pave’-set diamonds.

With a passion for vibrant colors, a sophisticated fusion of joyful, luscious shades, a constant play of shapes, volumes and abstract geometries, these are the distinctive hallmarks shared by the two Italian Maisons of excellence.


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In this collaboration, Bvlgari and Pucci are recounting their own ties with the US: Pucci mixes the alluring and the sporty drawing inspiration from Marylin Monroe’s archetypal charm.


Star Spangled Banner earrings in gold with coral, lapis lazuli and diamonds ca 1975.


Sautoir in gold with cornelian, turquoise, and diamonds, ca 1970.


Extracting from the 70es, Emilio Pucci did bold, exuberant creations from Bulgari’s High Jewellery and Heritage Collections in the manifestation of a star and stripes earring, colorful bracelets and necklace with the likes of vibrant amethysts, diamonds, and green enamel.


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