Hublot For Artist Carlos Cruz Diez

In Miami, Florida, at the outset of the 2015 “Miami Art Week,” Swiss watchmaker Hublot once again makes a large splash this year with an event and new watches celebrating the work of French/Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz Diez.

Hublot For Artist Carlos Cruz Diez

The event further heralded the opening of the “Cruz-Diez Bi-Dimensional Research 1959-2015″ exhibit celebrating the world of the artist who is now over 90 years old and was represented by his son at the event in Miami. This is yet another instance where Hublot approaches the Latin market with art-themed timepieces meant to specifically appeal to particular markets in South America – this time, Venezuela.

Hublot For Artist Carlos Cruz Diez

The luxury watch and art market are regular bedfellows in a similar way that the watch and car market are – but for different reasons. Hublot likes to cover all the bases, offering both automotive-themed watches as well as those inspired by contemporary art.

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Carlos Cruz-Diez currently lives in France and for a long while has been a cherished treasure in his native Venezuela. His work, often referred to as “kinetic art,” celebrates how moving one’s field of vision over various shapes, colors, and textures creates a variety of effects.

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Hublot For Artist Carlos Cruz Diez

Much of his art spans science and neurology, offering poignant commentary on how the human brain interprets various light, color, and spacial conditions. Some of his most popular artistic themes have been cleverly translated on the dials of three limited edition Hublot Classic Fusion watches.

Hublot For Artist Carlos Cruz Diez

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In reality, the visual fascination of these Hublot Classsic Fusion Cruz-Diez watches is lost when viewed in static form. If the entire idea of Cruz-Diez’s work is about movement, then the above statement makes sense. Hublot has coined the particular dial style of these watches as “mechanical chromo-interference” and fans of Carlos Cruz-Diez’s work will immediately see the appeal.

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