“L’Air Du Temp” limited fragrance by Nina Ricci

It’s 1948, the war is over, two doves are kissing on a twisted crystal lalique and just like this a myth is born. Discover ‘L’air Du Temp’ – a limited fragrance by Nina Ricci.lair du temp limited fragrance by nina ricci parfumebl-private-collection-750

The name wasn’t chosen casually, aiming passionately to capture the spirit of time, foreseeing what future reserved for the light and floral fragrances and the beginning of a new perception on femininity.

lair du temp limited fragrance by nina ricci fragrance

This name “L’Air Du Temp”, a daily French expression, evokes the air we breathe, the mood and modernity.

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It is inspired by the irresistible grace and charm of those singular moments when even romantic souls awaken sensuality.The emotion is intact: a spring agreement, enthusiastic and plentiful with armful of flowers, crossed by a precious peppery scent; a revolutionary garden.

lair du temp limited fragrance by nina ricci french italian

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A stylish design:  bright, aerial, which does not gather less than thirty components. Wind of jasmine, rose, gardenia, which fuses the solar trait of bergamot. The deep sensuality was born from the meeting of the violet and the powdery and sophisticated accents of iris, of the warmth of sandalwood, rosewood, amber and musk.  Luster, silky, delicate and powerful, this combination exults as a happy music and an air of freedom.

lair du temp limited fragrance by nina ricci handcrafted

On 2000 the fragrance bottle “L’air du Temp” won the award Bottle of the Century. Today on 2015 the special re-edition comes in a limited edition design. In a 90 seconds video that is available in the web, you can see all the accurate and handcrafted details in the process of designing the bottle, each bottle has been individually numbered and engraved by hand, with a pure golden crystal signature

We present you this single object, precious and familiar, a narrative sculpture, an expression of purity and freedom with its own creation. L’Air du Temps by Nina Ricci celebrates its 65 years!

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