Limited Edition Furniture by Henri Fernandez

Henri Fernandez was a Senior Lecturer in the Departments of Architecture and Interior Architecture for the Rhode Island School of Design. Although he has died back in 2009 his work is immortal and still inspires generations and are extremely valuable. His pieces are stunning and unique and we assure you that you have never seen anything like them. Take a look at some of the best examples.

Parrot Blue Agate Clock, Signed

This designer has taken many ordinary objects and made art out of them, such as a clock. He created the Parrot Blue Agate Clock. Elegant and refined this piece dates 1970 and is  still available for selling.


Beautiful Unique Brass Tree Table Lamp

This is a rare piece that is so much more than lamp! The Brass Tree Table Lamp is as beautiful as unique.

Brass and Agate Butterfly Floor Lamp

Ideal for a luxurious interior design decoration the Brass and Agate “Butterfly” Floor Lamp is a statement piece. It was designed to be the center of all attentions and it plays its role for sure.

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Very Original Table Lamp by

This very original Table Lamp follows the main characteristics of all the other pieces and we can conclude that Henri’s style is very peculiar and therefore easy to identify.

Impressive Butterfly Sconce by Henri Fernandez,

This impressive Butterfly Sconce is ideal for a feminine and romantic interior design decor. Above all think about the stunning effect it will give once it is dark only with the butterfly guiding your way.

One of a Kind Console by Henri Fernandez

This Console Table is for sure one fo a kind! The little bird and the branch give the sensation that nature is at your place. We can almost hear it singing.

Ceiling Light by Henri Fernandez

Proving once again why Henri Fernandez is one of the best designers, this ceiling light is a very desirable piece.

Lamp by Henri Fernandez

Another impressive and original lamp that will look great anywhere.

Octo Coffee Table

Last but not least the Octo Coffee Table is another rare statement piece.