5 Luxury Christmas Gifts to Keep Your High End Jewelry and Goods

Discover the ultimate 5 Luxury Christmas Gifts to Keep Your High-End Jewelry and Goods.

Cloud Watch Winder

Are you thinking about giving your husband a vintage Rolex as one of your Christmas Gifts? So this is absolutely the best way to complete the gift. Cloud watch winder by Boca do Lobo.

This unique watch winder reflects fascinating design handcrafted to become an object of desire. The fine mechanisms of valuable automatic watches require movement and relaxation. Cloud watch winder controls this rhythm in a perfect way in order to give the watch it harbors a longer life. With a design inspired by Newton’s Law of attraction, this watch winder is a statement art piece.

Perfectto have the favorite watch in an exhibition in your room.

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Symphony Cigar Humidor

Among a gentleman’s most valuable possessions there is always a special place for his finest cigars. Symphony humidor is the perfect place to keep them, providing constant humidity to store cigars in the best conditions.

Handcrafted for the taste of the lovers of the most luxury cigars.

Millionaire Luxury Safe

The ultimate Luxury Safe for all your luxury goods.

Boca do Lobo piece is a safe-box that promptly takes us to scenes strongly creased in our memory, deeply enriched by today’s visual culture. This piece reputes a long life! Born in the beginning of the 19th century, followed the increase of bank robberies after the Gold Rush of 1849 and kept itself sacred to successive break-in attempts, remaining deformed forever. Lockable drawers and a whole structure in mahogany, coated in highly polished brass and dipped in gold, this piece is one of indisputable value. As safe and secure as its owner holds secrets to be unveiled only by time itself.

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