Most-Wanted Tom Ford’s Watch Collection

Tom Ford has unexpectedly launched a watch collection. Featuring a variety of interchangeable bands and modern aesthetics. Take a look at the Most-Wanted Tom Ford‘s Watch Collection!


Tom Ford

Launching this month in Ford’s stores and in select retailers, Tom Ford’s first watch, the Tom Ford 001, joins the cavalcade of timepieces from fashion brands turned watchmakers. Oddly, while Tom Ford’s main collection $42,000 alligator briefcases, casual suede jackets for $7,000, and sunglasses for $1000, the prices of his new watch line are intentionally less stratospheric.


At its most affordable, the Tom Ford 001 retails US$2000 with a curved back watch offered in 2 sizes, 44mm and 40mm, in four different metals and a wide selection of interchangeable bands – each sold separately. But the question is, do we need a Tom Ford watch?


tom ford

Tom Ford announced way back in January 2017 that the label would be getting into luxury watches, and now we finally have our first real look at Ford’s first timepiece. The 001 is a unisex watch that takes on a similar look to early 20th century icons like the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso and Cartier Tank and will be available in a variety of case materials — from 18-carat yellow gold to stainless steel to a DLC finish — and will come with a myriad of interchangeable, slip-through strap options


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Offered in two sizes (44 millimeters and 40 millimeters), it’s not flashy or bold, and Mr. Ford said he was inspired by the unisex styles of Rolex and Cartier. “I don’t think of the watch as being necessarily either masculine or feminine,” he said. “The best watches have a certain integrity that translates well for both sexes.” He said that he often wore the 40-millimeter option, for example.


The collection includes a high-end take on those webbing straps — a delicately braided band of supple leather, priced at $420 — as well a plain option in alligator ($620). There are also stitched leather bands in a wide range of colors, made in Besançon, the French town that specializes in watchmaking, as well as a version in a pebble finish that might best be described as Hermès-esque.


The interchangeable bands will be a constant feature of the collection, which Tom Ford said he planned to expand to include a round-faced style as well as an automatic version. Although the watches now are available only at Ford’s boutiques and on his website, wider distribution is planned for the fall.


Of course, with all things Tom Ford–related, there is also a subtle sex appeal to the watches, only highlighted by the sensuous imagery used to promote them. Yes, the interchangeable bands mean it can go with anything, but maybe the best way to wear your Tom Ford 001 is with nothing else.

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