Take a look inside Steve Jobs’ Luxury Yacht

Despite his early success, Steve Jobs, the co-founder, chairman and CEO of Apple Inc, maintained a rather simple lifestyle. However, he did enjoy a few more expensive gadgets, such as his Mercedes Benz SL 55 AMG and his private Jet Gulfstream V.


Having spent several summers on his friend Larry Ellisosn’s ship resulted in him wanting his own luxury yacht. He chose French designer Philippe Starck to bring his dream yacht to life in 2008, which was to be called “Venus”.

Steve Jobs luxury yacht

The very luxurious 256-foot-long superyacht is made of aluminum and steel, with sleek lines reminiscent of Apple’s products and features glass which was created by the same chief designer as the iconic Apple Stores.
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Jobs spent over $100 million on his yacht, but unfortunately passed away, before it was completed. Now, “Venus” belongs to his widow Laurene Powell Jobs, which recently took it out to St Martin, in the Caribbean.

Seve Jobs luxury yacht design Luxury design owned by Steve Jobs

The Yacht, was completed one year after Jobs’ death, in 2012 but until now, only photos of its exterior had been taken. Now, thanks to the people at Woods Hole Inn in Cape Cod, Mass., it is possible to take a look at the luxurious inside of the Jobs dream yacht.

In an interview with French Vanity Fair, Starck revealed that the super yacht contains six bedrooms and a system which allows communication between the kid’s living quarters in the front and the adult quarter in the back of the ship.

Steve Jobs luxury yachtSteve Jobs luxury yacht interior