Tezi Gabunia Creates Surreal Big Heads Inside Art Galleries

Tezi Gabunia is a contemporary artist from Georgia whose methodology is called ‘falsification’ where he creates a reflection upon the basic features of the contemporary world. His latest works bring surreal big heads to the heart of Art Galleries and emphasizes the dialogue about hyper-realistic issues in art. Explore the amazing creation of Tezi Gabunia with Design Limited Edition. ‘Put your head into gallery’ is the appeal!

1In 2011, Gabunia opened his painting studio and has produced over one-hundred paintings, as he has industrialized the process of art creation which currently permits him to publish a new production on the internet every two weeks.

Tezi Gabunia Creates Surreal Big Heads Inside Art GalleriesThe interactive project consists in exact miniature copies of famous art exhibition spaces like the Saatchi gallery, the Tate modern, the Louvre and the Gagosian gallery, aiming to bring the galleries to the visitors and not the other way around.

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Tezi Gabunia Creates Surreal Big Heads Inside Art GalleriesThe concept of falsification is present when he presents a false exhibition and by scaling the spaces and creating exhibitions that don’t exist. people are encouraged to put their heads inside the scaled models were a picture is taken.

The main technical support used during the production of models was later cutting technology materials included PVC, plexiglass, wooden paper, and two-component glue.

Four different models of famous galleries rooms were created to make this project alive. The project also involves exhibitions of different artists.

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The transportable feature of the models makes these galleries accessible for everyone. You really can’t miss this amazing work!

Damien Hirst at the ‘Tate Modern Gallery’.

Thanks to the surreal huge head, the visitor becomes part of the exhibition.

“Falsification” is the name of Tezi Gabunia artwork.

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