The Crystal James Bond Bollinger Set

James Bond may have a lot of secrets and a lot of ladies that get fascinated by him, but his love and faithfulness for Bollinger Champagne is one of a kind, as well as The Crystal James Bond Bollinger Set. The most famous secret agent is well known for his moments drinking relaxed in some luxury restaurant or resort one or two glasses of Bollinger Champagne.

James Bond Bollinger Set

The “romance” between the motion picture and the champagne started since 1956, when it was first mentioned in the classic, Live & Let Die movie. The Broccoli-Wilson family, the producers of the movies, were the godfathers of this relationship between Bond and Bollinger.

James Bond Bollinger Set.

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Bollinger to celebrate this long friendship, releases often special editions of Champagne that coincide with the upcoming James Bond movie. On the 50th anniversary of the Bond movies, on 2012, the Bollinger Champagne, launched the exclusive collection Bollinger 002 for 007, a gift set.  A box suited for the ones who are in search of rich and exclusive experiences, like the ones that Bonds find himself always into.

James Bond Bollinger Set

Bollinger SPECTRE edition
This October, Bollinger released a 2009 James Bond vintage. The limited edition bottle anticipates the upcoming launch of James Bond movie. To celebrate this with they created also the limited edition SPECTRE crystal cooler.

James Bond Bollinger Set

The Bollinger Spectre Crystal set, this year comes with a luxurious package, as it is designed and showcased in an extremely elegant graceful wine cooler. The limited edition Bollinger 1988 R.D, is available for a number of selected wine merchants and in Saint-Louis stores in Paris, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taipei, with an RRP of €5,007 (£3,650)

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This year Champagne Bollinger has uplifted the originality and exclusivity of this edition, with a partner like Saint-Louis Crystalworks, that shares the same values of French excellence and exacting standards of quality.James Bond Bollinger Set