The exceptional experience of Perrier-Jouёt champagne

“Excellence” by Perrier-Jouёt, a noun, meaning a talent, or a quality that goes beyond the ordinary, that surpasses the normal standards. In the world of luxury brands and luxury lifestyle excellence is a mission, a passion and it’s a daily inspiration. In design, same as in art, details are not just details; they are the essence of the work, in order to create the most unforgettable experiences for the admirers.

The iconic wine producer since its foundation, on 1811 produces exceptional and flawless collections of champagnes, with a restricted number of production.the-exceptional-experience-of-perrier-

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“Ephemera” is another noun, explaining things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time. Ephemera is also the name that the two Vienna based designers choose for their installation, presented during the last Design Miami Week. A fusion a meeting of men and nature, how they described it.


Together with Perrier Jouёt, another dazzling, unique collection would take place, the creation of Perrier Jouёt champagne limited edition bottles.


Miches and Traxler went beyond the design, they tried to analyze & understand every drop from this luxurious champagne, combining the textures and colors of the bottle with the texture of the sparkles.



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The final result is as expected a wonderful gift box bottle beautifully decorated with emeralds and butterflies. The bottle has a very simple, clean and elegant but yet luxurious appeal.

It’s like a sweet welcoming to the smooth and superior taste that anticipates you once you try the champagne.

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