The exclusive artwork collection of 1800® Tequila

collection of 1800® Tequila

How to celebrate original artwork, vibrant pop art like the one that you get the chance to see in the art galleries or in the buildings of New York? The collection of 1800® Tequila thought about this and that’s why created the Essential Artist Series.

Essential Arts series is a edition where the brand gives the opportunity to talented artists to collaborate and share their designs and unique performances through a very unconventional way.

collection of 1800® Tequila

Famous artists like Studio One, Shepard Fairey, Jean-Michel Baseman, already decorated the six limited edition bottles of 1800 Tequila.

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Is the seventh year now that the brand of wine & spirits, celebrates art and creates exclusive editions of artwork through their exclusive edition of tequila

collection of 1800® Tequila

The results has always been unique, as the taste of the tequila itself. Established on 1800, where the name originates from, the Mexican brand is well known for the super premium tequila, produced only from 100% fine quality blue agave.

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On 2015 the artist who adorned this very exclusive six bottles, is the talented and famous graffiti and pop artist, Keith Haring. The bottles are colorful, filled with shapes, very playful and attractive. A true jewel to hold into your hands.

Keith Haring  is worldwide known for his cartoon iconic figures, displayed in opened and closed spaces, addressing different social problems


collection of 1800® Tequila

The energy and positivism of his art is strongly transmitted in the bold lines and strong colors in the small adorned 1800 Tequila bottles. You will want to have at least a bottle of this exclusive collection, even If you are not a big fan of tequila. Instead if you are a fan of similar articles, then check more in here.