The World’s Most Expensive Cigars

If you are an expensive cigars lover you need to visit Colorado because the Centennial State is supposedly home to the world’s most expensive cigar. Smoking can be a social statement or a demonstration of power With this world’s most expensive cigars you can have both. Celebrities, political figures and businessmen are some of the cigars lovers that will fall in love by this exclusive editions. Luxury and sophistication are the middle names of these cigars.

The World’s Most Expensive Cigars

The Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch’s Bachelors Lounge serves up the much coveted His Majesty’s Reserve Gurkha cigar at the jaw dropping price of $2000 per cigar.

The World’s Most Expensive Cigars

Boca do Lobo | Luxury Toys

Made in the Dominican Republic, the exclusive cigars feature aged tobacco leaves infused with a full shot of 40-year-old Louis XIII Remy Martin Cognac.

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The blend also contains an 18-year Connecticut Maduro wrapper with 12-year-old Dominican binder and fillers. The flavor and aroma of these cigars are unforgettable.

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The Bachelor’s Lounge speakeasy is a pretty cool place to enjoy your cigars. With its modern but warm décor and selection of fine wines and cigars, it will transport you to the gentleman’s clubs of yore.

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