15 Ways to Decorate with Gold Mirrors

Gold mirrors are always a great solution if you want to decorate a room to pass the test of time or if you want to mix different styles in just one room. Gold will continue a trend for the next years even if your style is classic, modern or contemporary.

You will benefit with a gold mirror if you want to put something over a fireplace, something to be the star in a bathroom, or over a sofa in the living room. Also a good idea is to mix some simple square mirrors with beautiful wallpaper in gold (you will see this example in “Gold mirrors for living rooms”).

We prepared for you a selection of 15 ways to decorate with gold mirrors for every room divisions. Be inspired and think about your next renovations:

Gold Mirrors for Bathrooms

15-ways-to-decorate-with-gold-mirrors-bathroom_1 15-ways-to-decorate-with-gold-mirrors-bathroom_2 15-ways-to-decorate-with-gold-mirrors-bathroom_3

Gold Mirrors for Master Bedrooms

15-ways-to-decorate-with-gold-mirrors-bedroom_1 15-ways-to-decorate-with-gold-mirrors-bedroom_3 15-ways-to-decorate-with-gold-mirrors-bedroom_2

Gold Mirrors for Entryways

15-ways-to-decorate-with-gold-mirrors-entryway_1 15-ways-to-decorate-with-gold-mirrors-entryway_2

 Gold Mirrors for Living Rooms

15-ways-to-decorate-with-gold-mirrors-living-room_1 15-ways-to-decorate-with-gold-mirrors-living-room_7 15-ways-to-decorate-with-gold-mirrors-living-room_6 15-ways-to-decorate-with-gold-mirrors-living-room_5 15-ways-to-decorate-with-gold-mirrors-living-room_4 15-ways-to-decorate-with-gold-mirrors-living-room_3 15-ways-to-decorate-with-gold-mirrors-living-room_2

If you want to continue your hunting for gold mirrors, We invite you to see Apollo Mirror from Boca do Lobo here.