2015 Motoring Trends: The Bentley SUV


2014 was all about the sexification of hybrid and battery, super efficient, sci-fi drivetrains. This year, it is all about big, expensive, aggressive SUVs, or, as the Americans used to call them, “trucks”.

We are going to present you the Bentley SUV, produced by Bentley Motors of Crewe Cheshire England.

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Even though Range Rover has come to define the segment and beaten off all-comers, this SUV is different. This beauty is going to be much more expensive, much faster and it’ll come with an altogether different provenance.

2015 motoring trends (4)From Range Rover it is expected that their cars will take you anywhere. So what can you expect form the Bentley SUV?

Expect a sense of luxury that says you’re already been everywhere!

Take a look at this beauty and tell us what you think!

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