5 of the most beautiful wooden bookshelves

Bookshelves are the biggest furniture piece that you can put in your living room. It is also a piece that will addict some maturity and calm in your space. A lot of designers dedicated all their work around this kind of piece to make the most esthetically pleasing and at the same time functional and original. Bellow, it is exactly what we regroup and offer to you. The 5 most beautiful wooden bookshelves.

We focus our choice in the functionality of the bookshelf itself, his design, the particularity of being made in wood and its design for the best interior design.



CTline side CTline

Tectonic Bookcase

Tectonic Bookcase


creative-bookshelves-1-3 malagana-equilibrium bookcase


Cutshelves light Cutshelves


Yule Bookshelf interior Yule Bookshelf