5 Upcoming Artists To Look Out For At Pad London

5 Upcoming Artists To Look Out For At Pad London – 2015 marks the 9th anniversary of PAD (Pavilion of Art and Design) in London, an event that unites some of the most well known galleries that work with modern art, jewellery, photography and design. From a total of 62 exhibitors, 15 of those galleries work with highly exclusive design objects, which are often made in very limited numbers, and as contemporary artworks.

The PAD event also gives younger designers an opportunity to gain international coverage, both directly, and through all the media attention it receives. Year after year, dozens of selected works explore and test the boundaries of fine materials and extraordinary craftsmanship, manifested through a cutting edge design process’ and concepts.

If you happen to be around London for PAD, make sure you check out work by these up and 5 Upcoming Artists To Look Out For At Pad London:


Throughout 2015, the Italian collective Studio Nucleo have gained much attention in the art and design world. Having exhibited at the emblematic Nilufar gallery in Milan earlier in the year during the city’s Design Week, their PAD appearance sees them work with antique objects preserved in epoxy resin shells to create a “fossil” effect. This contrast between past and present, through the juxtaposition of materials and lines and details such as cracks, bubbles and ruptures, results in a magnificent jewel like appearance.

It is believed Nucleo are set to become the next big names within the art and design world, making regular appearances at the worlds great fairs and events such as Art Basel Miami, PAD London and Paris, as well as guaranteeing constant presence in reference galleries all over the world.


5 Upcoming Artists To Look Out For At Pad London 5 Upcoming Artists To Look Out For At Pad London

Tuomas Markunpoika

Tuomas Markunpoika is a young Finn who achieved a great deal of attention through his pieces created as part of his graduation project at the Design Academy in Eindhoven.  Covering furniture pieces with thousands of thin steel rings, and then burning them until only a 3D imprint remains, Markunpoika’s resulting work consisted of silhouettes in recognisable rococo shapes, with very slight resemblances to their original form.
Presented by Gallery FUMI, Tuomas’ work is known for moving the public who comes in touch with it. It was created as a reflection on a personal struggle with a difficult subject: absence and temporarily, and the loss of memory. From afar, the objects seem pretty, a perception that quickly disappears when the back story emerges.
5 Upcoming Artists To Look Out For At Pad London 5 Upcoming Artists To Look Out For At Pad London
Mathias Bengtsson
Contrasting to Markunpoika’s work and it’s representation of loss and fragility, Mathias Bengtsson’s pieces bring technological advancements and a tribute to organic shapes, where optimism and positivity are clear notions. Growing from a digital “seed” which is programmed to replicate organic growth, it sets instructions for the height of the flat surface for the Growth Table.
A brilliant combination of incredible technology and craftsmanship, art and design, reflected by Bengtsson’s young ages, yet mature character, has made the Growth Table a highly replicated image in contemporary furniture design.
5 Upcoming Artists To Look Out For At Pad London


Charles Kalpakian

Charles Kalpakian comes from a interesting and highly mixed background. The French national, born in Beirut, has Armenian and Syrian rots, and describes himself as “the designer of the new world”. With a solid street culture base, Kalpakian’s work explores the concepts of verticality and flatness in several ways, yet within his aesthetic which is identified as clean and defined, with slight resemblance to calligraphy.

With work references which date back to the 80’s, in collaborations with Ettore Sottssas, Kalpakian explores a variety of colour combinations and concepts, such as with his Cinétisme wall cabinets.

5 Upcoming Artists To Look Out For At Pad London

Barnaby Barford

British designer Barnaby Barford is known for his ceramic work. Difficult to categorise, Barford’s work gained notoriety through their humorous nature, where the artist assembled antique and mass produced figurines, into witty tableaux. He recently completed “a Tower of Babel”,  a massive installation exhibited at the V&A Museum, comprised of 3000 individual porcelain cuts, each of which representing an existing London location.His PAD London piece includes a mirror, which anticipates his upcoming show released later in November.

Barford’s aesthetic is described as very British, yet with a unique language, considered avantgarde. What makes his pieces magical is the fact that they can be understood and appreciated by anyone, regardless of cultural education and taste.

5 Upcoming Artists To Look Out For At Pad London 5 Upcoming Artists To Look Out For At Pad London

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