Amazing Gold Console Table

Console tables are a very functional piece of furniture, since it can be placed in almost every room of your luxury home. It is a great choice for entryway furniture, but it can also be placed in your luxury living room, hallway and even you master bedroom.

We went looking for the most amazing gold console table and found this gorgeous piece of art, designed by Aerin.

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Aerin is a luxury brand created by Aerin Lauder. She believes that living beautifully should be effortless and therefor developed curated collections of beauty and fashion accessories and home décor. Her inspiration comes from her own lifestyle and passion for art, travel, fashion and design. Her pieces are classical but always with a modern point of view and were created to make life more beautiful.

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This absolutely gorgeous console table in gold gilt called Cloudcroft. was created to make a statement in your hallway with its scallop edges.

Price: $6,700.00