Architectural Buildings That Caught Our Eyes In 2019

Each year, Time magazine selects its 100 destinations in the world to visit, stay, eat and drink, on its The World’s Greatest Places of 2019 list. Selected by the global team of editors of the publication, the places have been evaluated based on quality, originality, innovation, sustainability and social impact. With the help of ArchDaily, we here at Design Limited Edition have shortened this list and selected the architectural buildings that stood out for its ingenuity and contemporary design.

The National Museum Of Qatar | Atelier Jean Nouvel

This architectural building is inspired by a mineral formation commonly found in the deserts of the Gulf region. The ‘desert rose’ is a rock formed when minerals crystallize in the crumbly soil just below the surface of a shallow salt basin. The system of interlocking disks surrounding the historic palace-like necklace looks as if it’s been propagated organically.

Time Magazine Recognizes 2019's Best Architectural Buildings (1)

It incorporates exhibition spaces that fan out in an elliptical circuit around a central court, the Howsh, where outdoor cultural events are staged. The desert-rose building design evokes the culture and climate of Qatar. It emerges from the ground and merges with it. The shadows created by overhanging elements allow visitors to stroll around outside at the same time as protecting the interior from light and heat. The sand-coloured concrete cladding is in harmony with the local environment.

Calgary Central Library | Snøhetta

Time Magazine Recognizes 2019's Best Architectural Buildings (4)

The architectural building is sited within a complex urban condition, where a fully operational Light Rail Transit Line crosses the site from above to below ground on a curved half-moon path, dividing Downtown and East Village.

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In response, the building design lifts the main entry over the encapsulated train line. Gently terraced slopes rise up to the heart of the modern building, allowing for people arriving from every direction to interact with the library.

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The Shed, a Center for the Arts | Diller Scofidio + Renfro

The Shed is a nonprofit cultural organization that commissions, develops, and presents original works of art, across all disciplines, for all audiences. The Shed’s Bloomberg Building can physically transform to support artists’ most ambitious ideas. Its eight-level base building includes two levels of gallery space; the versatile Griffin Theater; and The Tisch Skylights, which comprise a rehearsal space, a creative lab for local artists, and a skylit event space.

Time Magazine Recognizes 2019's Best Architectural Buildings (5)

The McCourt, an iconic space for large-scale performances, installations, and events, is formed when The Shed’s telescoping outer shell is deployed from over the base building and glides along rails onto the adjoining plaza.

Xiqu Centre | Revery Architecture + RLP

Time Magazine Recognizes 2019's Best Architectural Buildings (6)

Xiqu Centre is Hong Kong’s prestigious new home for traditional Chinese opera. With its dramatic curvilinear façade and reinterpretation of the customary Chinese Moon Gate motif, this architectural building creates a stunning landmark entrance as the gateway to the West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD), the city’s new precinct for arts and culture.

Time Magazine Recognizes 2019's Best Architectural Buildings (7)

Conceived as a cultural sanctuary; blending theatre, art, and a dynamic public realm, this iconic 7-storey building design is dedicated to promoting the rich heritage of Xiqu—Chinese opera, the primary genre of indigenous Chinese theatre—and to the production, education and research of this unique and traditional art form.

Camp Adventure Observation Tower | EFFEKT

Time Magazine Recognizes 2019's Best Architectural Buildings (8)

Set in the historic Gisselfeld Klosters Forest – a glacial woodland characterized by rolling hills, ephemeral streams, lakes, wetlands and meadows – on its own a changeable landscape experience that is influenced by the rich birdlife and the seasons changes – the architectural building features a 900-meter elevated boardwalk zigzagging in and out between the trees, culminating in a 45-metre tower with a 650 meter long inner spiralling ramp, which offers breath-taking panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and nature.

Time Magazine Recognizes 2019's Best Architectural Buildings (3)

Stay with us to discover more architectural buildings

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