Architectural Jewelry: Minimalism & Strong Shapes

When you think about architectural jewelry, several names, such as Ute Decker or Tiffany T come to mind. In fact, these designers are experts when it comes to sculptural jewels, sweeping clean planes of gold that inspire serenity and contemplation.

Ute Decker, born in Germany and now resident in London, has the ability to create beautiful and striking pieces that can be compared to true masterpieces. Concerned about the sustainability and ethics of her materials, her pieces come with a clean conscience. She was one of the first jewelers to use Fairtrade gold and also uses recycles metals wherever she can.

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Here are some of her most expiring pieces.



Tiffany, also a specialist when it comes to architectural jewelry, has a new collection, called Tiffany T, that shows us that minimalism and strong shapes are in.

See below how all the pieces play with the T shape.


33407734_938467_SV_1 TiffanyT_Story_5x5_v1

Another expert is Sarah Herriot, who used to be a computer software designer. She now designs complex shapes using CAD design and then recreates them in precious metals.

4 hand twist