Art Meets Design: The Lapiaz Modern Console

Boca do Lobo’s pieces are opulent and unique pieces capable of infusing life into a refined space, as is the case with the Lapiaz Console! This Modern Console embodies an elegant and modern look, elevating great craftsmanship and design to a new realm. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about this Luxurious Furniture Piece, as well as the entire Lapiaz Collection.

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Exceptional Craftsmanship

entryway with a silver modern console

Lapiaz Console takes exceptional craftsmanship and design to a new realm. Finding beauty in the most unexpected places, this contemporary design piece is inspired by authentic karst formations.

entryway with a silver modern console

Its organic features are achieved through the manual fitting of polished brass, and a sharp finish in polished stainless steel that portrays a perfect mirror.

silver modern console

The hammered gold details and the mirrored made convey both dynamics and elegance, a beautiful duality between power and refinement to bring a new contemporary verve into interior design.

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Available In Different Colors and Materials

walnut console in a modern entryway

Incredible pieces have to have more than one color, that way they can fit in any room color, and with any decor, this is what happens with Lapiaz Modern Console. This remarkable console is available in different colors and materials. Some of them are walnut, ebony, black, white, poplar root, and tiles.

tiles modern console
tiles console in white and blue

This version of the Lapiaz Modern Console is lined with hand-painted tiles, known as “Azulejo” a typical Portuguese tile, which is a clay or ceramic plate piece, generally with a square shape decorated with glazed colorful designs. The paintwork is done with water-based paint, a powder that is mixed with water to work the density.

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Fits Perfectly In Any Room

modern bedroom with modern console

Modern Contemporary Master Bedrooms need a Modern Console to create a unique space. In this master bedroom, the Lapiaz White Modern Console creates a more organizable and cozy room.

closet with modern console in silver

You can use this amazing console to decorate your closet! In a corner with some decor items the Lapiaz Modern Console has the perfect shape and size to fit in a corner, and at the same time is very useful.

eclectic dining room with modern console

Calm with the eclectic style, providing a lustrous appeal to the architecture and to the design of the interior. The Lapiaz Modern Console in Black fits perfectly heaven in an eclectic dining room and makes an amazing combination with the Metamorphosis Dining Table.

lapiaz black modern console

Stay With Us To Discover More Modern Console!

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