When Art Becomes A Sideboard – Meet The Mondrian By Boca do Lobo

To celebrate the 15 years of iconic design, Boca do Lobo has put together a list of 15 furniture designs that perfectly showcase what makes this furniture brand so unique. Take a stroll down memory lane as we unravel all the exquisite details of these creations: one of these masterpieces is the Mondrian Sideboard.



When Art Becomes A Sideboard - Meet The Mondrian By Boca do Lobo

When art becomes a sideboard, your room acquires an ever more-inspiring atmosphere. Undoubtedly, the Mondrian sideboard by Boca do Lobo constitutes a unique and collectable object that is different from anything else and exudes a sense of both experimental design and luxury.


The sideboard’s base is composed by mahogany and tempered glass makes the box. It also contains carved drawers finished in high gloss colored lacquer. The Mondrian sideboard by Boca do Lobo is more art than utilitarian furniture.



“A combination of techniques that result from 18 different suppliers to achieve it. A handle here, a beveled mirror there, manual carving drawers and much more in a set of drawers of this piece that is strangely functional.”

Marco Costa


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