Intriguing sculptures by Bruno Catalano

Art can sometimes be intriguing and this is a good example of the truth in this statement. Bruno Catalano is a French artist whose works are unique and excite our mind. The universal theme of travelling has always inspired him.

The human figures are travelers heading towards unknown destination, lacking important pieces like vital organs but still standing and moving on. These astonishing works, with their dashed bodies and the determined lack of volume, invite the viewer to mentally reconstitute its limits. This particular collection of sculptures pays homage to the people arriving at the pier de la Joliette in Marseille looking forward to start a better life, going towards the unknown.

The artist was born in 1960 in morocco and a lifetime as a sailor and watching travelers passing by inspired him to make these intriguing sculptural works.

Intriguing sculptures by Bruno Catalanosculptures by Bruno Catalano

The sculptures were put on display in Marseilles to celebrate its position as the 2013 European Capital of Culture. They are skillful works of art even without the omissions, but the missing parts of the sculptures make them truly extraordinary and unique. They leave room for the imagination – are they missing something, or is it something that these “voyagers” have simply left behind? What’s especially impressive is that some of the sculptures seem to stand on very little support, giving them a sort of ethereal and surreal appearance.

Arts & crafts_Intriguing sculpturesArts & craftsArts & crafts_Intriguing sculpturesArts & crafts Intriguing sculptures

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