Arts&Crafts: Dubourg and a breath of the desert

Vincent Dubourg‘s work is a faithfull portrait of emotional design and furniture art, so Design Limited Edition had to share his creations with you.


The Carpenters Workshop Gallery describes Vincent Dubourg’s sculptural furniture as “contemporary allusions to traditional methods of cabinet making, evoking a nostalgic sense of the familiar while simultaneously distorting these antiquated forms with his fresh approach to materials and technique. He poetically fuses the crafts of glass blowing, wood-bending and metal-casting to deconstruct our perceptions of simple forms and breathe new life into the past” and we could’t agree more.

Vincent Dubourg gets inspiration in both city and nature. His creations are a fusion of furniture, architecture and sculpture, and a challenge to our imagination. This is a bronze creation  called Soufle d’un desert – the breath of the desert. It’s kind of a gorgeous messy look.


This is a wonderful and surprising creation, as all the others designed by Vincent. His distinguish style is its trade mark. We hope to hear more from him soon. See all of the works from the French designer here.

Source: Design Gallerist