Audrius Krulis Debuts Sunfall Jewelry Collection

Nature is not always perfectly symmetrical, Sunfall, the new jewelry collection by Audrius Krulis showcases asymmetry for a sense of play and a unique look. This is a bold and unique interprestion of nature, giving jewelry a totally different meaning!

bl-limited-edition-750Krulis, a New York-based designer originally came to the United States from Lithuania after completing a Master’s in Sculpture and a BA in Architecture.

Audrius Krulis Debuts Sunfall Jewelry CollectionWhen a cancelled project in New York opened a new career path, Krulis began working with jeweler Alex Sepkus which opened the door to a career in the jewelry industry. Krulis found that his technical background translated beautifully. Never static and finished from all sides, Krulis’ jewelry became synonymous with attention to detail, developing unique handmade chains, one-of-a-kind gemstone statement rings, and sturdy, elegant baubles.

Audrius Krulis Debuts Sunfall Jewelry Collection

His inspiration lies in the subtleties of nature and his uses freeform design followed by wax casting in silver and shaping by hand. His style is to let  rings reign as the master inspiration for other styles in the collections, from: earrings, bracelets and necklaces to pendants.

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Audrius Krulis Debuts Sunfall Jewelry Collection

“When I create something, I am seeing it come to life before me. The form takes on its own soul and character, which fuels the creative process; I never start with all of the answers. By the time I am finished with one piece, I have ten more ideas for new ones!”, explains Audrius Krulis to the Luxury Pursuitist in an interview.


5Inspired by nature, the asymmetry of the Sunfall Jewelry Collection creates movement and playfulness.

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