Bad pictures? Those days are over!

The luxury brand Brikk, known for offering the iPhone and other smartphones covered in gold and platinum, has announced the release of a special edition Nikon Df camera kit finished in 24 karat pure gold. For $41,395, buyers will get one of 77 limited edition models, which includes the camera body, a Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 lens, and accessories, all plated in yellow gold.

1silversaver-brikkThe Brikk Lux Nikon looks and functions exactly as a standard Nikon Df model, having a “little” extra pizzazz from all the gold on it. The digital camera features a 3.2 inch LCD display on the back, and a 16.2-inch FX-format CMOS sensor. The non-gold portions, including the hand grips, zoom and focus rings, and the top of the flash are all covered in black stingray leather. In addition to the standard Nikon parts, like the battery charger and cables, the kit comes with a lens cap and lens hood, decked out in, you guessed it, 24k gold. If that weren’t enough, the whole thing comes in a custom hard shell case from Zero Halliburton that is, also, gold-plated.

2tl-horizontal_mainThe idea for the luxury Df model, according to Cyrus Blacksmith, Brikk’s CEO, came from when Nikon released its own special edition of a gold FM back in 1977. With the Df having been on sale for almost a year now, Mr. Blacksmith got tired of waiting for Nikon to release a gold model for today’s generation, and decided to produce it himself.

nikon_Df_camera_kit_goldFurther details from the company include that all the parts from the camera body and lens that are to be covered in gold are disassembled and hand polished. After being treated with 5 layers of diverse metals, two layers of gold are added that end up measuring between 4 and 5 microns thick. All gold used in the kit is certified to be 24k, and those who can afford the over $41,000 price will get a 1 year warranty from Brikk. Purchasers can also take comfort in knowing that for each Lux Nikon Df sold, Brikk says it will donate “a specific amount” of aid to suffering populations in need via select NGOs.


“For me, the camera is a sketch book, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity.”  – 

Henri Cartier-Bresson