Ballantine’s presents : The new era of space design

Ballantine’s presents : The new era of space design – It was April 1961, when the first human landed in space, launched in a shuttle mission. Yuri Gagarin will forever be remembered. “I feel fine! What about you” was his first reaction when asked from the ground control on Earth. Never would Yuri or anyone else think, that 54 years later, another human not necessarily an astronaut, could say the same words but this time sitting comfortably while drinking a fine quality, space edition of whiskey.

Ballantine's presents : The new era of space design

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The brand’s surpassed even the creativity of Holliwood directors; drinking whiskey the same classy, luxurious way as on Earth, no problem for its distillers and James Parr the glass designer. The challenge anyways was big, especially when it comes to people who strive for excellence. The question was how to create the perfect symbiosis between the alcohol and the glass, how to make this two work in harmony with each other, without the glass contaminating the alcohol.

Ballantine's presents : The new era of space design

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What once was once the place exclusively dedicated to the study of space, the International Space Station, today has shifted into the place of new challenges and aesthetic design. 350 is the number of people who already visited space in the past years and the Ballantine’s distillers together with James Parr are very aware that this number will only grow. Space tourist are the next step of evolution, we are already in this new era of space exploration.

ballantines-presents-the-new-era-of-space-design (6)Ballantine's presents : The new era of space design

The challenge to create the first perfect glass for tasting whiskey it requires a lot of study, comparable to the work of rocket designers. Meanwhile the Ballantine’s distiller had to go through the study of all the previous information of food and drinking in the space, all the nutrition available in the spaceship and the alterations the body goes through in 0 gravity. All of this to make sure to offer to the lucky visitors the most unforgettable and rich experience.

Ballantine's presents : The new era of space design

The result is just from another space ! The recipe of Ballantine’s whiskey was exclusively altered, intensifying the taste, adding a “spacey” toque. The glass is not only attractive, but more importantly is functional: the stainless steel rounded cup covered by a 3 D printed rose gold, holds in its base a 22 pound magnet, necessary to avoid floating around. The design its complex and very intelligent. To understand it better you can check the picture below:

Ballantine's presents : The new era of space design


So welcome to the future! You don’t have to worry, Ballantie’s brings the drinks ! If you got drunk by this article, we have more of it here!


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