The Best Collectable Design Pieces From 2019

The world of collectable design never ceases to amaze even the most avid art and design aficionados. 2019 wasn’t an exception, bringing creation after creation, wowing each and everyone who followed the most exclusive design fairs and contemporary artists‘ greatest works. Take a journey throughout the last 12 months of the best collectable design pieces.

Lumière Lighting Collection | Boca do Lobo

The Best Collectable Design Pieces From 2019

The Best Collectable Design Pieces From 2019 (3)

The Best Collectable Design Pieces From 2019 (11)

The Best Collectable Design Pieces From 2019 (4)

Boca do Lobo, the luxury furniture brand released this lighting collection with a contemporary design that will do the absolute wonders of the avid craftsmanship lovers. Theses collectable design pieces, find inspiration in the Victorian era and exemplify the contemporary dualities of art and functionality.

Interlude | Apparatus

Presented at this year’s Salon Art + Design in New York, the elaborate collection Interlude was created to take on a host of musical references. Throughout the series of limited-edition works, the use of materials and shapes are reminiscent of melodic symbols and pay homage to music. Examples include a pair of cabinets influenced by the music and composition techniques of Theme and Variation.

STARDUST Collection | Pia Maria Raeder (by Galerie BSL)

The Best Collectable Design Pieces From 2019 (8)

Presenting the best of collectable design at Salon Art+Design 2019, Galerie BSL exhibited Pia Maria Raeder’s new STARDUST collection including stunning craftsmanship pieces: a four-seater bench, two-seater benches, and a mirror.

ArtyCapucines | Louis Vuitton

The new, vividly colourful, limited-edition ArtyCapucines Collection features six distinctive reinterpretations of the luxury French brand’s handbag, as visualised by leading contemporary artists from around the world including American artists Sam Falls, Tschabalala Self, Alex Israel and Jonas Wood; along with Swiss visual artist Urs Fischer and South African artist Nicholas Hlobo.

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Architectures | Karl Lagerfeld (by Carpenters Workshop Gallery)

The Best Collectable Design Pieces From 2019 (2)

Offering audiences a chance to experience Karl Lagerfeld‘s enduring impact on design, “Architectures”, presented at Carpenters Workshop Gallery in New York, is an art collection of functional sculptures inspired by antiquity, referred to by Lagerfeld as the origin of beauty, culture, and modernity.

PLEAT | Christian Haas & José Vieira

Studio Christian Haas teamed up with tinsmith José Vieira, an artisan from the Portuguese city of São Torcato, who works mainly with galvanised tin, copper and brass.
Though following in the footsteps of his ancestors, José has developed a more modern production of goods for daily use, with a focus on shape and functionality. This project goes in this direction. The three collectable designed tables called PLEAT, all in polished brass demanded exceptional mastery of bending and welding.

PORTUGABA | Louboutin

The Best Collectable Design Pieces From 2019 (9)

Created using traditional techniques and local artisanal know-how, the PORTUGABA is Christian Louboutin‘s ode Portugal, his second home and long-time source of inspiration. Bright colours express the sunny optimism of a country and a people so loved by the designer, their stories are woven into its very fabric.

Swell Wave Shelf by Andrew Kudless (Objets Nomades) | Louis Vuitton

Expanding on the collection of limited edition collectable design furniture, which began in 2012, this year Louis Vuitton exclusively debuted the Swell Wave Shelf by Andrew Kudless, at Design Miami. The San Francisco-based designer’s new piece features undulating, smoothly polished oak shelves – flowing forms that resemble rocks eroded over time – that are held in perfect tension by rich leather straps. The Swell Wave Shelf is an elegant addition to the collectable design collection and an ode to the balance between the powerful forces and the delicacy of the natural world.

Ring Filigree Mirror | Boca do Lobo

The Best Collectable Design Pieces From 2019 (12)

Boca do Lobo loves to honour ancient crafts because it adds up an extra special worth to their gems, and this time the design brand started off the year with a brand new filigree creation, the Ring Filigree round wall mirror. Completely handcrafted, with each brass cord fitted with precision, this piece flourishes in a traditional homage to Portuguese culture and commitment, like a jewel that reflects eternal beauty when it is contemplated. The collectable design piece‘s edge is made of brass cords gilded in 18k gold, conceiving an exquisite gold round frame which elevates any setting into world-class interiors.

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