Best Highlights of BRAFA – The Showcase of Fine Arts

During 26th January to 3rd February, BRAFA Art Fair was located at Tour & Taxis, a magnificent place that is part of Brussels’ industrial heritage. As you know, Brussels is a cosmopolitan capital of Europe and a Belgium city notorious for its delicious food and impressive museums, monuments and boutique shops.


Best Highlights of BRAFA - The Showcase of Fine Arts

For over sixty years, the reputation of this art event grew. Nowadays, the fair welcomes everyone that wishes to experience elegance, beauty, and innovation. Because of this, Design Limited Edition invites you to explore and to admire the best highlights of BRAFA 2019.


Best Highlights of BRAFA - The Showcase of Fine ArtsLa Pendulerie – “Athena Clock”, attributed to Claude Galle (Paris, 1759-1815). Made of gilt, patinated bronze, and Italian red griotte marble.



Best Highlights of BRAFA - The Showcase of Fine Arts

Galerie Le Beau – “Gokelaere – Big Easy Volume 2 – Armchair” – Ron Arad (Tel-Aviv, 1951). Made by Mirror polished stainless steel. (1988)



Artancient – “Octahedrite meteorite from the Sikhote Alin impact” a fragment from the meteorite shower of 12 February 1947.



Marc Heiremans – “Two Sassi stones” by Antonio Da Ros (Venice, 1936). Made of free-blown murano glass with applied murrine bands.



Not only a design exhibition, but BRAFA was also one of the first major art events of the year for the design and art world, crucial to understanding the market’s top trends. This amazing modern art fair was created in 1956 and is one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious art fairs, renowned for the high-quality fine art pieces with an exclusive design, antiques, contemporary design, and modern art it showcases.


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Mirrors Boca do Lobo



Lemaire – Coffee pot. Made of soft porcelain from Tournai with fretel in period gilded bronze. (1763-1775).



Galerie Bertrand de Lavergne – Iron red ground moonflask decorated with flowers. Made of Chinese red porcelaine. Kangxi period (1662-1722).



Galerie Sismann – “Angel”. Made of painted wood.



As a recognized contemporary art event, the selection process for BRAFA’s exhibitors is rigorous, and all pieces are examined by an international committee of experts before the art fair opens its doors to the public. This allows visitors to buy everything they ever dreamed of with absolute confidence.


Gallery Desmet – “Madonna and Child” by Lucca, (1436-1501). Made of Terra Cotta.



Bowman Sculpture – “Le Baiser” (1886) by Auguste Rodin. Made of bronze with brown and lighter brown patination.



Bernard Bouisset – “Triceratops Bracelet” by David Webb. Made of Gold.



Galerie Florence De Voldère – “Winter landscape in the forest of Soignes with the Flight into Egypt” –  By Denis van Alsloot (1570-1626 Brussels)


This extraordinary design exhibition of high quality and rare pieces from the Bronze Age to the present day, covering 5000 years of history and attracted prominent art collectors and art lovers, all of them curious to see what the market’s novelties are.


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