Best Interior Designers Of USA: Ovadia Design Group

Ovadia Design Group is an award-winning architectural interior design company specializing in high-end residential and commercial designs localized in New York. Consider one of the Best Interior Designers in the United States this interior design company has unique contemporary projects. Today we will show you some of them to inspire you, enjoy it!

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KD Sky Apartment

Located in New York City this is a remarkable project of this best interior design company. This apartment is located in a building with a lot of visibility to the outside through large windows, which makes the natural light remarkable.

With pieces of wood, glass, and tiles on the walls, this apartment combines a modern style with a vintage style, bringing comfort and making the atmosphere cozy.

Get The Look: Monet Center Table
golden center table

Monet Center Table is a tribute to the renowned French painter behind the Impressionism movement, and artwork that turns into a contemporary coffee table with a modern design twist. Innovatively depicting nature, the Water Lillies series are gently brought to life on an elegant coffee table with a gold surface made from cast brass with a unique textured finish.

UES Pied-À-Terre

Best Interior Designers has a very own decoration style which makes their projects stand out, this is the case of this project located in New York which in addition to being very modern and full of shades of grey, thus marking the decoration.

In the dining room, the key piece is the incredible suspense lamp filled with crystals that form a star on the dining table. This piece also brings a very luxurious and unique style to the decoration of the room.

Get The Look: Explosion Suspension Lamp
ball cristal suspension lamp

The explosion is reminiscent of the vast cosmos of modern lighting designs. With a high prestige and a revivalist attitude, this suspension salutes Sputnik. Strong attention to mighty and luxurious detail is reflected in the numerous slim gold-plated brass and crystal arms which orbit around a center sphere.

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Upper East Side Flat

The Upper East Side Flat-it could only have been designed by one of the best interior designers in the United States: Ovadia Design Studio. With modern decor and light colors, this project is without a doubt remarkable.

To add to all the amazing designs of the various rooms we added the amazing design of the gold coffee table with an unusual shape. It gives a unique touch to the room, not to mention the practicality that gives to the living room.

Get The Look: Wave Hammered Brass Center Table
golden coffee table

Wave Hammered Brass Center Table is an original and stylish coffee table for a modern living room as it is also an unconventional center table for your sitting room. With great style and elegance, it creates an exclusive ambiance to your modern interiors. Developed by a Portuguese jewelry artisan, this piece is made of hand-hammered brass with a black mirror top.

Private Residence

This incredible private residence located in New York is a true reflection of contemporary design. With a neutral color palette such as white, blue, and grey, this is without a doubt the perfect luxury home for any family.

In the dining room, the oval white marble table combined with the blue built-in sofa transforms the space into a very familiar and cozy place. In this room also the light brings a lot of influence to make the environment very bright and comfortable.

Get The Look: Pietra Oval Table
white marble dining table

Pietra Dining Table shapes a timeless experience through its classical aura and finest Estremoz white marble. Reminding of the renaissance era, its oval top gently lies in two robust marble columns, each conceived from solid blocks hand-sculpted and turned to create different details for additional texture.

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