Best luxury watches designs

This article is especially for all the “Horophiles” , the society of enthusiastic wristwatches,  who are fascinated and obsessed with the designs and mechanics of watches. Below we will present you some non-traditional options, on how to be a luxurious geek with style. Design Limited Edition chose some of the best and funniest luxury watches today, some of them ridiculously colorful and others with a strong sportive character.

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Victorinox I.n.o.x  is not just a ordinary luxury watch, on the contrary is a statement of long life and power. This stainless steel watch was created to mark the 150th Anniversary of Victorinox I.N.O.X. The toughness and resistance of this timekeeping it was more than tested:  had to pass a battery of 130 tests, spent two entire hours in a washing machine. This watch alone will speak about your confidence just as you enter in the room

Best luxury watches designs


Luminox Scott Cassell UVP Special Edition or the 30 miles under the sea watch. Luminox in collaboration with Scott Cassell created the deep dive, stainless steel, sapphire crystal with antireflective coating, self-illumination powered, automatic helium release valve, Swiss made watch. Do you need to know more? Then maybe you would like to know that part of the sales of this watch will go toward the Undersea Voyager Project.

best luxury watches design Luminox


Hublot Classic Fusion Enamel Britto the ultra thin 45 mm, enamel Britto ceramic timepiece, is assembled by hand, is the perfect fusion between art and craft, or the traditional and contemporary. This classic fusion has undergone a very strict and complex process of miniature work, by enamellist masters. You can instantly see the traits of Romero Britto, the Brazilian artist, painter and sculpture, influenced in his work mainly by Pop Art Culture. Keep your art on the wrist, not on the wall, or do both why not?

best luxury watches designs Hublot pop art



Romain Jerome Pac-Man Level II 40 Colors if this watch is not ridiculously amazing then you should double check your definition of “absolutely amazing”. If you never had the chance to see Pac-Man Level II before, it’s because the Swiss luxury company, has designed a limited edition series of only 20 timepieces worldwide. The price of this neat watch in retail is $15480.46 US. How special would you feel keeping this piece of jewel in your wrist while remembering the iconic Pac-Man game?


best luxury watches design Romain Jeromea limited

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Hermès Arceau Millefiori: the master of handcrafts and traditional artisanal, Hermes, created this marvelous, elegant, inspired from the 19th century paperweights. Millefiori or thousand flowers, is watch designed for women and man and one of the most classical of Hermes. Femininity, Complications and art craftsmanship were the three capital inspirations of Hermes when created this colorful watch. The design is charming suitable to the aesthetic standards of the luxurious brand.

Best luxury watches designs

Luxury watches are so named as a reminder – if you don’t watch carefully what you do with your time it will slip away from you. We would like to hear your opinions, share them with us! Read more here.



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