Blancpain releases a St. Valentine’s Day Special edition Watch

Tomorrow is St. Valentine’s Day and if you are looking for last minute presents you have come to the right place. No gift says “I Love you” as a Blancpain watch. This year the swiss brand of luxury watches launches a special edition to celebrate this occasion.

Blancpain Watch


This watch contains a cluster of 19 rubies set into the dial at 12 o’clock. You can find rubies  that are buff-top cut, a mixed cut that typically has a smooth upper half and a faceted pavilion. The heart has had several interesting incarnations on the special editions but on this year’s edition a heart charm dangles from the strap.

Blancpain Watch

Take a look at the background of this clock. It gives a sense of perspective as it resembles a clouded sky. Have you noticed a particular detail? The second’s hand is actually a Cupid arrow! How charming is that?

Blancpain Watch


It is not only the front screen that is amazing on this watch. On the back you can see the complex engine of the machine. Plus here it is identified the number of the watch. As it is a limited edition there are only 99 examples of the magnificent piece. No details are forgotten in this design.

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If you got curious, we will also show you some previous editions of the St. Valentine’s Limited Edition. This is one of the first and it is from 2003. This watch has a very particular and original way of displaying the date.


A year later in 2004, a simpler design was adopted. Although all watches are beautiful and inspiring but we believe that the designs have improved through the years.

Did you know that Blacpain is a subsidiary of the Swatch Group?

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