Blue Label Limited Edition by Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker knows how to celebrate the Chinese years in style. The Blue Label Limited Edition by Johnnie Walker was inspired by a famed Chinese art piece named Three Rams, which was created during the time of Emperor Qianlong. Find out more with Design Limited Edition!

Blue Label Limited Edition by Johnnie Walker

The bottle features a superb combination of painting and calligraphy, as it showcases representations of the Chinese symbol for the animal.

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Blue Label Limited Edition by Johnnie Walker

The bottle’s royal blue color honors the Chinese tradition of celadon porcelain. According to Diageo Brands’ marketing director, Drew Mills, “Johnnie Walker Blue Label Year of the Ram special release marries the best of Chinese ceramic art with the very finest blend of Scottish whisky.” The 25 oz bottle is a part of a limited edition, and it is definitely worth purchasing by casual whiskey drinkers, connoisseurs or collectors.


Inspired by the famous Chinese painting Three Rams, created during the Emperor Qianlong era, the bottle’s design combines painting with calligraphy.The royal blue colour was chosen for the bottle in a nod to the Chinese tradition of celadon porcelain and on each of its four sides conveys the written characters for ram.

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When four bottles are placed side by side, they form a representation of the Three Rams painting.

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