Blue moon diamond: the perfect classic emerald-cut

Blue moon diamond is the perfect classic emerald-cut, with more than 100 carat stone. The New York office of the auction house Sotheby’s has seen many masterpieces, but this time was “touched” by a gem called “the perfect diamond”: a precious stone of 100.20 carat emerald-cut classic beautifully transparent and free from any imperfection.

Blue moon diamond: the perfect classic emerald-cutbl-private-collection-750

-The winning price? The answer is -22.09 million US dollars-, spent by an anonymous buyer at Sotheby’s connection via telephone.The diamond’s color in the evaluation scale of colors is D, namely, colorless exceptional purity, both internally and externally to 10 magnifications.

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Blue moon diamond: the perfect classic emerald-cut

The estimated price predicted by the auction house was between 19 and 25 million dollars. Sotheby’s wasn’t far from the truth: the stone mined in South Africa weighing over 200 carats before cutting and polishing, remained perfectly in the estimated range.

Blue moon diamond: the perfect classic emerald-cut

Gary Schuler, the head of Sotheby’s jewelry defined it as follows: “This diamond is the definition of perfection. The color is whiter than white and free of any imperfection inside “. Both the seller and the buyer wished to remain anonymous, and as it often happen for the most expensive and important objects, the winning bid came by telephone.

blue moon diamond the perfect classic emerald cut rare diamond

Over the past 25 years only 5 flawless diamonds over 100 carats were auctioned. On 2013 Sotheby’s managed to sell a 118-carat oval cut diamond for $ 30.6 million, setting a record for a white diamond. Talking about records, remember the famous Sotheby’s in Geneva, where on November 16 of 2010 a 24.78-carat emerald-cut diamond, Graff Pink was defeated, bought by London jeweler Laurence Graff for 46.2 million dollars, or around 34.2 million euro.kk-mirrors-750

Golden Jubilee is the name of the largest cut diamond in the world, extracted from the Premier Mine in South Africa, the same that was discovered also the Great Star of Africa. At the initial weighed is about 755 carats, later reduced to 545 after the cut, made by the cutter Gabi Tolkowsky, a gem artist that supported at the De Beers.

Blue moon diamond: the perfect classic emerald-cut

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Lisa Hubbard, The President of the International Department of Sotheby’s Jewellery, North and South of America, described the conclusion of the auction as follows: “In the last 25 years, only six diamonds, over 100 carats, were to be offered at auction Sotheby’s. Sotheby had the privilege of offering on the market five of these, to achieve an excellent result, confirmed by today’s sale which marked a new record for jewelry in the New York office.

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