Boca do Lobo’s Highlights at Salone Del Mobile ‘18

A Tale of Art, Design, and Crafts”  creates a spectacular scene for  Boca do Lobo’s mystic scenario in Milano, Salone del Mobile 2018.
A place for fantasy and unfiltered human expression, of utmost beauty, the theatre has since the dawn of mankind captured the collective imagination of those looking to free their minds from the reality of daily life.


While the main stage absorbs the crowd’s applause, behind the curtains unveils a tale of utmost beauty with reinvented masterpieces and unfiltered new design pieces. A play to see from 17 until 22 of April, Stand D06 of Pavilion 1.


salone del mobile

A dramatic yet sophisticated theatre to uncover contemporary settings and fervor pieces conceived by talented craftsmen and creative minds who never settle. When entering a place so special and unique as the backstage of art design, lovers demand magical environments where technique takes place and handmade furniture turns into a true piece of art.


By the living stage Imperfectio Sofa and Metamorphosis center table – from the Limited Edition collection – create the perfect luxurious area yet comfortable in a peculiar way to excite and provoke.

salone del mobile

Alongside, the dramatic and structured Stonehenge Dining Table fulfills the modern dining living room combined with the newest unruffled chair, composing an odd yet so right balance between a classic and modern approach to design. Every piece takes the main roll in this scenario making every design lover fall for every stage.


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Soleil chair, one of Boca do Lobo’s novelties presented at Salone del Mobile, is a synthesis of styles and senses. Inspired by the spirit and mission of the famous Cirque du Soleil, the purpose is to invoke, provoke and evoke.


The kitchen stage makes all the difference with the new kitchen island made with dark and gold marble following the elegance of Symphony Sideboard that together plays an exquisite melody. Every piece takes the main roll in this scenario making every design lover fall for every stage.


Boca do Lobo lifts the veil to this spectacular and rich backstage colored in tones of Grey and Gold, striving to unveil new design pieces through the most unique and traditional craftsmanship. Always matching the true design language, but so different in the concept of the spectacular behind the scenes art show reflecting dramatic lines and curves, soft textiles with neutral colors and handmade techniques, provoking bittersweet emotions and evoking intimate feelings of belonging.

An explosion of creativity, capturing the imagination of those who look forward to freeing their minds and crave to see new and iconic pieces playing the main role at the tradeshow. Definitely that at this edition of Salone Del Mobile that the handcrafted arts where greatly highlighted by one of the top luxury brands that Boca do Lobo is.


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