Buell 1125 reborn as the Ronin 47


It was a huge disappointment when Harley Davidson decided to take the Buell 1125 out of production back in 2010. If you are one of the many who didn’t get a chance to purchase this beauty, you’re in luck. A team of Magpul designers and engineers got together and designed The Ronin 47, based on the Buell 1125.

Each bike is named after one of the 47 Ronin. If you are wondering what the ’47’ stands for, it is the number of bikes being produced, which means, we’re talking about a limited edition here.

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Ronin 47 1

Ronin 47 9

The first 12 bikes will cost $38.000, and the subsequent releases will have a different color and be more expensive. Compared to the price of the Buell 1125 (à11.695) it is considerably more expensive, but it’s definitely worth it.


The project was financed by Magpul Industries, producers of composite high-tech firearms. So it’s no wonder that the engine is renowned for generating a lot of heat.

Ronin 47 2

Weak points of the Buell 1125 have been addressed, to make a better and more powerful Bike.

The bike’s distinctive, hunched-forward look is due to a cast aluminum alloy linkage fork, which replaces the Showa fork of the 1125. The controls are industrial design at its finest. The clutch lever housing features a 4-way switch, which allows the driver to control the displays on the instruments.

Ronin 47  5 Ronin 47 3

The Rotax-designed motor runs cooler and was remapped to suit the Ronin’s free-flow intake and exhaust system. Bodywork, sub frame and seat are custom.

The ignition is keyless and is actuated by individualized RFID chips under the air box cover. LED indicators have been built into the bar ends in a fashion that makes this bike look absolutely amazing.



Every single Ronin has been dyno-tuned to account for the new airbox and exhaust system. But be warned! This bike has been designed without a single care for roadworthy certification.

The bike is around 50 pounds lighter, and with approximately 146 hp more than the original, it is expected to be a lot quicker than the 1125.

Ronin 47 8

It looks like a machine straight out of The Dark Knight, don’t you think?