Campana Brothers – A Look at Their Collectible Design

Campana Brothers, Fernando and Humberto are brazilian designers whose work incorporates the idea of transformation and reinvention. The duo gives preciousness to poor, mundane or common materials transforming them into furniture, installations, interiors or products; while simultaneously expressing their south american roots through color, rich textures and creative chaos resulting in a triumph of simple solutions.

Lets have a look at some of their best collectible design work.

The Brazilian Baroque Collection

Small Egg Stool, made of Silvered bronze and Mohair velvet


A Look at Their Collectible Design-stool-detail
A more detailed look at the Small Egg Stool, where you can see the flower motives, made of silvered bronze.

This Brazilian Baroque collection takes its inspiration from the intensively decorative and sumptuous Baroque style of the 17th and 18th centuries, combined with the Campana Brothers’ own take on Brazilian art and culture.

– A Look at Their Collectible Design Sofa
Numa Sofa, an incredidle sofa made of gilded bronze with an upholstery of eco fur.


– A Look at Their Collectible Design sofa detail
Look at the intricate details of the gilded bronze.

The Brazilian Baroque collection introduces a strongly theatrical, gothic and sensual element to the Campana Brothers’ distinctive style. The pieces on show revel in a sense of luxury, channelling the glories of the Rococo period and its sumptuous gold and bronze decoration.

Campana Brothers – A Look at Their Collectible Design -Pamphilj-2-

Each piece is made by craftsmen in a Roman workshop, specialising in bronze work, demonstrating magnificent skill in welding together a jumble of decorative motifs – keys, leaves, cupids and women figures – to create organic and playful shapes which are combined with other materials. The Campana Brothers’ fascination with the natural world and their atention to detail can be clearly seen, for example, in the tiny, detailed faces and women bodies, which can be seen on the Pamphilj Ceiling Lamp.


Made entirely of handcrafted gilded bronze, the Pamphilj Ceiling Lamp is true tribute to craftsmanship.

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The Notturno I Collection

Campana Brothers – A Look at Their Collectible Design Bacteria-Floor-Lamp

The series of Bacteria lighting fixtures feature swirling patterns which have been used to make perforated shades from brass sheets.


Bacteria-Floor-Lamp-Campana Brothers – A Look at Their Collectible Design
Bacteria Floor Lamp, handmade using sheets of brass.

The designers said that this collection serve as an investigation into their combined creative processes which are driven by the diverse mixture of cultures, language and architecture that coexist in their home city of São Paulo.


Campana Brothers – A Look at Their Collectible Design Bacteria-Ceiling-Lamp big
The Bacteria Ceiling Lamp, completly handcrafted out of brass sheets.


Campana Brothers – A Look at Their Collectible Design-Bacteria-Ceiling-Lamp

“São Paulo is a cubist city, a city full of overlapping stories that become entangled and it is in my efforts to abstract the urban landscape and its three-dimensional sequences that my designs come into being,” explained Fernando Campana.

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