Cannes Film Festival: Vintage photos from the glamorous event

On the occasion of the 67th edition of the Cannes Film festival, Design Limited Edition remembers the festival’s most glamorous vintage photographs. From the big gala nights to the stylish lifestyle the stars led by day.


Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty in  1962.

natalie-wood-cannes-1962With only 24, Natalie Wood wowed the critics and crowds at Cannes that year.  By day she went sailing and showed her star power to the world.


By night she accompanied her friend, Warren Beatty in the red carpet.

German actress Elke Sommer at Cannes, 1962German actress Elke Sommer, 1962.

Classic photos of cannes film festival


“La dolce vita” in Cannes.


A luxury lifestyle experienced in one of the best settings of the French Riviera.

cannes-film-festival-1962 A crowed waiting to take a glimpse of the big cinema stars of the time.

The event lived not only of its stars. There was a tradition of unknown and little-known actresses and models posing for hordes of photographers pretty much anywhere they can find a spot to stand.


In this photograph, Philomène Toulouse,an art student from Paris who wants to be in pictures, was the only one who thought to bring a fox, and so the attention of photographers was caught.

cannes-fil-festival-1962-vintage photosA Ducth actress, whose name was lost in time, poses for photographers.


Photographs: Paul Schutzer—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

Old Pictures of Celebrities at Cannes Film Festival - elizabeth taylor

Elizabeth Taylor enjoying the sun of the French Riviera.

Old Pictures of Celebrities at Cannes Film Festival-brigitte-bardotBrigitte Bardot, at the height of her fame.

1950's : Grace Kelly


Grace Kelly posing for photographers.