Cartier Newest High Jewelry Collection in Landmark Exhibition in USA

Cartier has been selling jewelry to European royalty for more than a century and it has a good reason. It has built is empire as one of the most exclusive hhigh-endjewelry brands for about 170 years.

Cartier Newest High Jewelry Collection in Landmark Exhibition in USA

Photo Credits: Cartier, in Forbes. A necklace, featuring approximately 78 carats of sea-green cabochon emeralds polished to a near translucent finish set in strands of white gold in a wave-like pattern paved with diamond.

Its latest high jewelry collection, Résonances de Cartierreinterprets the meaning of Resonance, usually refers to the reflection and reverberation of sound, to describe the delicate and unusual ways light travels through the precious gems and metals.

Photo Credits: Cartier, in Forbes. High jewelry as art in Cartier’s “Haute Joaillerie Exhibition,” October 21 – 29, at the Cartier Mansion in New York

The 170-year-old luxury brand is bringing much of this splendorous collection (approximately 65 pieces) to the historic Cartier Mansion in New York. The high end jewelry collection will be the centerpiece of “The Cartier Haute Joaillerie Exhibition,” a free public exhibition dedicated to the artistry, craftsmanship and heritage of the luxury jeweler.

Photo Credits: Cartier, in Forbes. A bracelet in a skeletonized geometric pattern of white gold paved in white diamonds. A row of triangular-shaped diamonds line the interior of the cuff.

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The pieces from the Résonances de Cartier that will be in the exhibition make up the largest collection of high jewels to ever appear in the United States and it is the first time the landmark building is being used for a public exhibition.

Photo Credits: Cartier, in Forbes. A suite of aquamarine jewels featuring the iconic Cartier Panthère

As a way of celebrating Cartier’s 100 Years, in addition to the high jewelry collection, the exhibition will include pieces from what it refers to as its traditional collection of jewels. These are important jewels from Cartier’s past that the luxury brand repurchased and restored. The high jewels and the reconditioned vintage and period pieces are for sale.

Photo Credits: Cartier, in Forbes. This necklace represents one of the newest examples of Cartier’s famed Tutti Frutti high jewels that will be included in the exhibition.

The exhibition wouldn’t be complete without pieces from the luxury brand’s private  collection of important and historic jewels, known as the “Cartier Collection.” The items chosen for this exhibition focuses on Cartier’s high jewels once owned by some of the wealthiest families and best-known celebrities in the U.S., including the Vanderbilts, the Woolworths, and the most famous jewelry collector of all, Elizabeth Taylor. These items are not for sale.

Photo Credits: Cartier, in Forbes. Part of the exhibition space inside the Cartier Mansion for “The Cartier Haute Joaillerie Exhibition”

All totaled there are approximately 500 jewels in the exhibition.

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