Chanel was one of the first fashion brands to launch a range of watches. This happened in the year of 1987. Since then, Coco and other brands that followed her example started to have a big impact on the watch industry throughout the years. Now, in 2017, this brand just released a unique timepiece! Let’s give it a look!!



So, to celebrate 30 years of watch making (1987-2017), the brand released a limited edition timer called Mademoiselle Privé Coromandel. In here we can see a key operation on assembling the watch altogether: the meticulous union of tiny pulleys in order to create the best piece of watchmaking!


During this year, Coco will unveil new watches and exceptional pieces, other than the Mademoiselle Privé Coromandel Table Clock such as the Première Camélia Skeleton watch and the Mademoiselle Privé Aubazine watch


This is another teaser before we unveil to you the recent creation by Coco!: as the watch hands move, you can see a beautiful golden portrait of nature, detailed and with other colors such as diamond-white and silver!


Here it is: You can see the contemporary yet with a classical touch table timer that Chanel just launched at the beginning of this year!



The watch, in order to embrace the art that’s together with the watch hands, doesn’t possess the mark of the hours. Around the clock we can see a sort of ring with diamonds embedded into it, giving it a more luxurious look!



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Now a picture of the back and front of the clock. Its main color is black but the gold and diamond add-ons have the power to turn this color more fashionable; it gives more attention to the center of the watch. In the back, we can see how the pulleys work and sense and listen to their rhythm.


Mademoiselle Privé Coromandel not only was made as a table clock but also it was launched a wrist clock with the same name. Take a look at him!


Set in a lustrous octagonal cabinet carved in a black volcanic glass, this piece was designed for in-house specifically


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Each of the parts is carefully protected until the moment of gluing them into the piece of art comes. As you can see here, it is a plastic or glass protection that protects each tiny piece until they are installed!



The watch was presented at the beginning of the year at the Baselworld watch fair for the delight of many aficionados; the making of this watch made prevail old values of the brand such as elegance and exclusivity. Hope you enjoyed this piece of art!!


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