Go Chic With Fur Coats

Fur Coats began as a primitive practice meant to keep oneself warm and sheltered, eventually became something of a symbol to denote luxury, wealth and high-end fashion. The history of the fur and the various clothing items made from it has traversed a long and diverse terrain.

Go Chic With Fur Coats

Fur coats and other garments climbed the peak of popularity in the Victorian era, a time when it was still appropriated by the rich and served as a social divider. A mink coat stood for everything a woman could possibly desire and the ultimate signifier of status in Britain in the post-war era. However, the accessibility of fur and fur products increased manifold post-20th-century advances in technology that allowed relatively less expensive Furs to be fabricated. To provide some insight into modern day sales and demand for ur products, the fur industry currently employs more than a million people, with revenue of 40 billion.

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ML Furs started its journey in 1987 out of a single bedroom closet and have seen it grow big and successful over the years, collaborating with and adding designer brands like Michael Kors to their collection in 1998. They also started their online journey in 2007 and soon transformed from a national to an international presence.

ML Furs deals with all things fur, from coats, vests and jackets to stoles, gloves, hats and handbags. If you’re specifically looking for fur coats for women, ML furs is sure to spoil you with its exquisite mink coat collection. You can choose from EM-EL’s own fabulous array of designs or go with fashion favorites like Michael Kors, Mary McFadden or Zandra Rhodes.

Go Chic With Fur Coats

ML Furs’ Garnet, Onyx, Pearl and Topaz collection of fur coats for women promises a variety of mesmerizing and ravishing shades, from royal mahogany to a classic black or delectable cream.

Go Chic With Fur Coats

Fur coats are no longer reserved for the fanciest of parties or the coldest of days. ML furs get that and hence designs coats that you can wear not only to that grand gown worn gatherings but also those that you can pair with a smart pair of jeans during the day. Go city chic, glide from coffee to cocktails or from your desk to the dinner with the right fur coat.

Go Chic With Fur Coats

Fashion forecasts predict that Winter 2018 is going to be all about the fur. So make sure that the fabulous fur comes first on your shopping when you hit the stores for ramping up your winter look for the year because this one’s here for the long run!

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