Christian Louboutin Launches First Fragrance Collection

2014 was the beginning of Christian Louboutin adventure through the world of cosmetics with this Rouge Louboutin nail polish, housed in barb-topped bottles in homage to his vertiginous heels, whose signature red soles came about when the designer grabbed a bottle of varnish from an assistant to add colour to the underside of a sample he’d deemed too plain. Two years later, it is time for a new adventure: the launching of three perfumes.

bl-limited-edition-750The three distinct scents are designed to represent three different personalities of the Louboutin women. Bikini Questa Sera brings to mind warm summer nights with jasmine and tuberose; Tornade Blonde is a sweet and feminine blend of red rose, violet and cassis; while Trouble in Heaven is the headiest, most opulent juice, taking in iris, patchouli, tonka absolut and amber. Each one is formulated to hit the senses like a single piano stroke: an unchanging, vibrating ‘ping’, explained the designer.

Christian Louboutin Launches First Fragrance Collection

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Christian Louboutin Launches First Fragrance CollectionLouboutin worked alongside British architect Thomas Heatherwick on the design of the bottles, and there’s not a stiletto spike in sight. Instead, the gently undulating glass vessels are ombré-coloured to reflect the scent they contain: sunset hues of amber and gold for Bikini Questra Sera; warm garnet and light gold for Tornade Blonde; and royal purple and gold for Trouble in Heaven.

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Christian Louboutin Launches First Fragrance CollectionThe twisting glass was based on the idea of folding surfaces, creating a loop which allows the perfume to flow around the central aperture, tapping into Louboutin’s fascination with the idea that “liquid is alive”.


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