Contemporary art at Art Basel 2015

These contemporary and artists make a clear statement with their work, transmitting the message to the public and getting deep under the skin. Take a closer look.

Swedish artist Thomas Hirschhorn is known for his large-scale multimedia installations. This display, which appears in mayhem and disarray, holds court at the Giardini space.

Contemporary art at Art Basel 2015_01

Artist Natalia Pershina Yakimanskaya connects art with society through clothes. This installation, entitled “Clothes For The Demonstration Against False Election of Vladimir Putin,” references the anti-Putin protests of 2011.

Contemporary art at Art Basel 2015_02

A major player in the evolution of Moscow Conceptualism — that is, “a critical reflection on Soviet imagery” — Irina Nakhova is behind this eerie installation, part of The Green Pavilion that’s made up entirely of her work. She is the first woman to represent Russia in a solo pavilion at the Venice Biennale.

Contemporary art at Art Basel 2015_03
Chiharu Shiota’s “The Key in the Hand” is visually captivating with a powerful message. Representing our ability to unlock our minds and discover our memories, thousands of keys hang from crimson threads above two wooden boats. The installation is surrounded by videos of children remembering moments in their lives.

Contemporary art at Art Basel 2015_04 Chiharu
“I SCREAM DADDIO”.  Sarah Lucas’s works reprise and reinvent the themes that have come to define her powerfully irreverent art – gender, death, sex, and the innuendo residing in everyday objects. Throughout this latest group of works, the body – sexual, comedic, majestic – remains a crucial point of return, while Lucas’s work continues to confront big themes with a distinctive wit.

Contemporary art at Art Basel 2015_05 Sarah
Katharina Grosse used beautiful acrylics to create this work, “Untitled Trumpet.” She covers the wall, floor, and various objects, creating a dramatic, colorful, and textured display in the Corderie space at the Arsenale.

Contemporary art at Art Basel 2015_06
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