The Diamond Embellished Solid Gold TV

The most expensive TV ever can’t be considered as a simple technology device or a luxury toy. It is much more than that. The Prestige HD is a piece of jewelry that only few can buy. A diamond-embellished solid gold TV with the special soul of eccentric and exclusive pieces. Discover this special gold item with Design Limited Edition!

bl-limited-edition-750Perfect for those who favor looks over goods, the world’s most expensive TV set has a price tag that’s pretty much on par with a Bugatti Veyron hypercar. You would say that the highlight of this impressive 55-inch Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition TV lies in its dazzling appearance, with a startling 28 kilos of solid 18ct rose gold, embellished with some 72 brilliant 1ct round cut flawless diamonds in grade 1F.

The Diamond Embellished Solid Gold TVBut that’s not all – the thing about being the world’s most expensive television set is that you go big or go home. In addition to its solid rose gold and diamond embellished extravagance, the luxe factor hits the roof with the exotically hand sewn Alligator skin on the inner screen layer, with an exquisite finish of other precious stones including Sunstones and Amethysts.

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The Diamond Embellished Solid Gold TVThe $2.25 million set is manufactured by PrestigeHD, and makes just one of the many designs of Stuart Hughes, who has a penchant for creating some of the world’s most expensive smartphones and gadgets.


Stuart Hughes is a British entrepreneur known for creating luxury and detailed pieces with rare diamonds. Born in 1971 in the vibrant city of Liverpool, England a place famous for all aspects of creativity and innovation including the Arts, Music and of course Football, Stuart Hughes began to gather all the city’s success stories to begin his own.

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