The ‘Diamond Safari’: the Most Expensive Experience in Africa

Ellerman House, in partnership with Benguela Diamonds, is offering its guests an exclusive opportunity to embark on a ‘diamond safari’ to the mineral-rich west coast of South Africa. The ‘diamond safari’ is the first of its kind in South Africa. Guests will follow the journey of an ocean diamond from its humble origins beneath the surface of the sea to its transformation into a symbol of love and object of beauty.

bl-limited-edition-750The day-long excursion includes limousine and private air transfers to Port Nolloth with luxury villa, private chef, and gourmet breakfast and lunch accompanied by a selection of wines from Ellerman House’s impressive collection.

2The ‘Diamond Safari’: the Most Expensive Experience in Africa

The ‘Diamond Safari’: the Most Expensive Experience in AfricaBenguela Diamonds is named after the predominant current, the cold, nutrient-rich Benguela Current, which flows in a northerly direction of the west coast of South Africa. Guests have the unique opportunity of joining the Benguela dive masters under the water where they can actually dive for their own diamond, or be on the boat for when the precious seabed gravel is brought up to the surface.

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The ‘Diamond Safari’: the Most Expensive Experience in AfricaReturning back at Ellerman House, guests round off the day by indulging in the hotel’s signature Dom Perignon Experience. As the sun sinks into the ocean, pop the cork on a bottle of vintage Dom Perignon paired to a delicious bento box-style dinner prepared by the executive chef. The diamond safari will be available from September 1, 2016, and is strictly dependent on prevailing weather conditions.

4Available for a maximum of 6 guests, the trip costs about $16,000 and includes the road transfers, return air transfer on a private jet, and all food and beverages including the Dom Perignon Experience at Ellerman House).

5The price remains the same, regardless whether 2, 4 or 6 guests travel together. However, the price excludes any diamonds purchased and jewelry designed while on the safari.

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